Grazia Allera Barbi is a female artist born in Italy, currently working in Italy.
Grazia Allera Barbi image

Grazia is an Italian artist that has exposed in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, England, United States. She was born to Castellamonte in Italy and she has studied architecture to the Polytechnic in Turin from 1986 to 1992, then industrial design in the Polytechnic School in Milan.
After the studies, for twenty years /she has been an architect, cultivating her usual passion the art to which exclusively devotes her from the 2008.
Its art looks at the nature and its representation. Its works are a stimulus to the guardianship and protection of the world, also being never violent messages of report. Rather an intention to the reflection. Grazia is influenced by the conceptual art and by the expression of the monochrome one.
The use of the colors has a well precise meaning. The blue, from the clear one to the dark color, it represents the soul the spiritual part of the human being. The rust represents the usury, the to flow some time. The white represents the light, the thought, the abstraction, the riskiness. The yellow is a declination of the gold. Gold and silver give value to the nature and the same meaning of the art. The black is dark, but also solidity, materiality, concreteness. The red is the life and the courage, it gives energy to the works.
Alive and she works in Milan Italy.