Merri Randell is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Australia.
Merri Randell image

My art practice involves the creation of rich, intriguing, contemplative audio-visual-motion artworks. My current body of work is a dark exploration of Australian cinematic landscape myths and I aim to cultivate and challenge these myths using perverse and abject (Kristeva, 1982) strategies. This body of work consists of audio-visual artworks that present an abject interpretation of trees inhabiting marginal, under-represented swamp and native forest landscapes located in sub-tropical Australia.

The dominant cinematic myths of Australian landscape underpinning these artworks relate to non-indigenous Australians’ largely unconsummated desire to understand and unite with an intolerant and sometimes vengeful landscape. This body of work is a node in a postcolonial debate working towards a future appreciation for evolutionary compulsive consumption.