Katarzyna Gajewska is a female artist born in Poland, currently working in Ireland.
Katarzyna Gajewska image

My painting process is something between my dreams and documentation. My art is situated in the middle – not in the realistic and not in the abstract, in popular meaning.
I don’t use any tools besides my hands – to be closer. I could say that my art is a first hand emotion – and that’s why I am painting only with my hands. It allows me to make close ups much deeper than they really are. I love using extreme zooming in – in life and in my paintings. My inspirations are deeply rooted in myself. I’m trying to search for inspiration every day: To reach for the deep feelings hidden below the surface of appearances, to pull them out from behind the window pane. It is a permanent record of fleeting sensations. This release from naturalism is a real struggle between the forces of creation and destruction.