Lauren Hewitt is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Australian Capital Territory, Australia.
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Last body of work: Latent

In Latent her interest in visually beautiful images persists, but there are also images suggesting mysterious goings on in dark gardens and other inhabited but unpeopled places. Drama laden night scenes—an unseen observer peering at light filled windows, peculiar shapes corralled by a backyard Hills hoist—contrast with atmospheric, exquisitely defined bare branches and wispy clouds threaded against many coloured skies.

Lauren Hewitt’s work is introspective, touching on the deep personal emotions most of us feel but can’t or won’t voice. The images in this exhibition evoke feelings of wistful contemplation, love of the small and the grand things in nature, and agonising loneliness.

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Artist statement:

All the experiences of human existence leave behind impressions. Absence, loneliness, sadness, fear, happiness—the emotions we feel—leave behind traces, evidence to be discovered and deciphered.

Memory and imagination interweave, confusing reality, fusing the two.

These impressions and traces are left in the world and in our memories, latent, waiting to be revealed.