Alyssa di Edwardo is a female artist born in United States, currently working in United States.
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Artist Statement

The process of making art for me comes from a collective experience and then allowing a distillation of that experience in a synergistic dance. In my youth I was very drawn to color and it’s association as well as deeply curious about symbols, objects and experiences that would either disorient you or have a quality that could draw you in. There always seemed to be something more that what my senses could take in, something unseen but felt and the combination of these experiences that opened a portal that was unlimited in time and space.

I had a grasp on the knowing that anything I looked at or idea I contemplated for a period of time would reveal something that I would have otherwise not be seen or understood. The inherent beauty and mystery of nature and life. To see the world with new eyes and experience it with a beginners mind.

I connected with the all encompassing feeling in my first experience in seeing Van Gogh’s Irises at the Met and captivated by Georgia O’Keeffe’s Red Flower, and her courage to be at the frontier of abstract art in such a formidable way. How she lived her life was inseparable from her work, that all consuming nature of creating art confirmed my path as an artist at a young age.

The highly visceral medium of painting became the portal utilized to transcribe my experience. My art is not feminist but I do feel the female archetype and a strong need to reclaim the roots of true feminine power. The dichotomy of the very physical nature of painting and female point creates the necessary friction for highly intuitive creativity.

The more I observe I find stillness in constant change I find new places, hidden beauty. It is a responsilbity to arrive at the blank canvas fully prepared and knowledgeable and to execute an idea fully, but it is not mine. By absorbing myself deliberately, I achieve greater depths of awareness within the work. It is my intention for my work to have a quality of universality that transcend all and allows the viewer to stop look and possibly see more in the work and the world.

I am currently exploring the idea of color and experience of perception triggered by color. How we perceive and recall experience in a spilt second something that speaks volumes and may encompass past present and future.

As O’ Keeffe said it is our whole lives coming back at us when we look at the canvas. I find that curious and fascinating and worth exploration.