Randall Marmet is a male artist born in United States, currently working in United States.
Randall Marmet image

My art is a combination of adventure, exploration, bravery, rebellion, and independence. I don’t know if I have a style that I adhere to, my taste in art swings wildly on inspiration that comes by subtle means and other times by storm. Color is a force that I bend to my will when I can, when I am granted permission. Art paints are a fickle master, she can smile and greet you with open arms, or she can teach you a bitter lesson and hand you a muddy canvas.

When I start a new painting, I reckon a heading from within my soul that leads in a path of unknown destination. As with other things, nothing risked, nothing gained. When exceptional art finally reveals itself, it is even sweeter after struggle and misdirection. Humility and recognition of fallibility are crucial in this endeavor. Inspiration cannot be forced, and perfection is unattainable.

Knowing when to stop is a difficult skill to master. Many times I must be told by my wife to step away from the canvas. At that moment, I know she is right, and I surrender my brush for another day. I leave my studio, many times haunted in the recesses of my mind by inspiration for a new concept that has not come to fruition. I remind myself to be patient, inspiration cannot be forced.

Although true abstract has no subject, I like to make a focal point for the eye. I also like to use dynamic and harmonious colors for a welcoming effect rather than a clash. I strive to create art that evokes an emotion not art for decoration.

My paintings are an expression of all that I am, my travels and my experiences. If one of my painting stirs something in you, maybe we are kindred spirits, or maybe it’s just what you needed at the right time. Indulge you senses, immerse yourself in color. Art is not how we live, but why.