Jane Elliott is a female artist born in United States, currently working in California, United States.
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About The Robots

If you mix together poetry by Richard Brautigan, the art of Dr Seuss, vintage Hoover vacuum cleaners, amoebae, diatoms, insects, Russian space stations and mysterious sea creatures you get Organic Robots! Or at least that’s what happened to me – I have years of stored material and inspiration spinning together in the sketches that flow into the blank book – coming out of my pens and pencils as these organic machines of enigmatic purpose. I don’t know if they are merely glorified household cleaning assistants or if their function is as Brautigan proposed – to leave us free of our labors to join back with nature – ‘returned to our mammal brothers and sisters’ *

With sketchbook now placed inside my substantial fifties model opaque projector I re-draw these mechanical beasties on light weight plywood and cut out their silhouettes using a modern day scroll saw. layers of parts, frameworks, carapaces, tubes, claws, suction cups, satellite dishes, detectors, gauges, antennas, and sensors – all now glued together, gesseoed, painted and glazed. With wood, glue, paint, and a modicum of woodworking skills the robots are now ready for action! Whatever that might be…