Alastair T. Willey is a male artist born in United Kingdom, currently working in Greater London, United Kingdom.
Alastair T. Willey image

Alastair T. Willey is concerned with ideas of space and with ‘I’ the artist creating the work. Through a dialogue of spacial theory and a history of the space or the artists personal experience with the space,Willey forms the basis of his artistic practise.

The artist uses conceptual methods of exploration and presentation to document his experience of adventure, architecture and history.

Works such as “The Merchandise Mart” series developed for the NEXT art fair 2009. Play with ideas of existence of a space, using the method of production ( An etching of The Merchandise Mart made from a reference image prior to the Fair. ) to look at the role of the artists as the element that eventually confirms the existence of the building through attending the fair and drawing first hand details of the building in red Biro over the etches as an act of confirming its existence.

The series was then presented in a temporary state allowing the works to be changed throughout the duration of the fair, allowing the viewer to witness the artists continued exploration.