Philippe Boissonnet is a male artist born in France, currently working in Canada.
Philippe Boissonnet image

Philippe Boissonnet was born in France in 1957. He is currently a professor in Arts at the UQTR University (Quebec, Canada). He has been recipient in 1998 of the Shearwater Foundation for the Holographic Arts Prize (New York) and the Recommandation Prize of the ARTEC Biennal (Nagoya) in 1997 for an interactive and holographic installation piece. In 1983, he won the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Prize in drawing (Canada) .

Combining the tools and dynamics of technological arts with a long-standing tradition of artists who have chosen to work with light, Boissonnet adopts a two-pronged approach : representation and interaction.

Since 1983 he has been involved in a number of group and individual exhibitions, both on the national and international level (Europe, USA, Canada, Brasil, Australia, Japan). In 2007, he has been invited by the video artist Andrea Juan (Buenos Aires) and the Argentine Ministry of Culture for participating to an ┬źartist residency┬╗ in Antarctica within a group of Earth Sciences Research Program. His recent work focuses more specifically on our symbolic relationship with our planet, which he believes is in the process of becoming a symbolic Earth-Child image rather than a Mother-Earth. Solo exhibition in New York at HOLOCENTER in 2014