Paula Broom is a female artist.
Paula Broom image

A mother, environmentalist and an artist living in Sydney. I used to be a painter/sculptor but more or less gave that up to do something more meaningful; last month I finally completed the Masters in Environmental Management I’ve been pursuing part time for five long years. During that time I discovered the iPhone camera and Instagram and reinvented myself as an iPhoneographer. I’ve had a couple of nice accolades such as being chosen via Instagram to be in the Wall of Dreams of the Mobilepixation show in London last December and having one of my images picked, again from IG, for a mention in Dan Marcolina’s Mobile Masters e-book early in the year. Also during this last year I started researching and teaching on an art and environment field trip course through the College of Fine Arts for my university.

So surprise, surprise, although I was going to give up art and change direction when I started my environmental learnings, it turns out that things have merely come full circle and I find all my interests converging. I had hoped to make some artwork with my father around his environmental stewardship on the farm but sadly I missed out on that. I’d still like my artwork to engage more with the audience on ecology, the biosphere and life on earth in general – and I’m currently working on doing just that!