Carlos Cruz-Diez is a male artist born in Venezuela, currently working in France.
Carlos Cruz-Diez  image

Franco-Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez has lived and worked in Paris since 1960. He is one of the great figures of kinetic-optic art. He is a contemporary theorist of color whose artistic proposal is based on four chromatic conditions: subtractive, additive, inductive and reflected condition. His research has brought art a new way of understanding the phenomenon of colour, greatly expanding its perceptual universe.

Cruz-Diez’s work revolves around color conceived as an autonomous reality, devoid of anecdotes, progressing in space and real time without past or future, in perpetual present. In his works the color appears as a reality that can exist without the help of the form and even stand unaided.

His work includes eight investigations: Couleur Additive, Physichromie, Induction Chromatique, ChromointerfĂ©rence, Transchromie, Chromosaturation, Chromoscope and Couleur dans l’espace.