Aziz Anzabi is a male artist born in Iran, Islamic Republic of, currently working in United Kingdom.
Aziz Anzabi image

Aziz Anzabi is currently working to bring sculpture and painting together as one adding a new continuity to potential collections. Originating from Iran, Aziz’s work has sold worldwide and has a particularly strong following in the United States. The market in the UK to Aziz is full of untapped potential for him as a Western Artist and as such is experimenting with a range of styles.
His work has been displayed and purchased worldwide and some of his work can be viewed at the Tehran Museum. In addition, his work has appeared on National Stamps and he has written film scripts in the Middle East. Aziz is also an academic and has written and produced books on the subjects of art as well as mathematics and previously lectured as a professor at Tehran University.
Anzabi’s work is heavily influenced by Mahmoud Farschian, evidence of which can be seen in the lines and textures of his work – both painting and sculpture. More recently Anzabi has turned his focus to sculpture of which his ‘Angels’ piece was cited for a fine art commendation in the States. Cane and Abel is another fine example of ability to depict emotion and strength in the characterisation of his work. In another vein, Anzabi’s reconstruction of the Dali ethos is just coming through in his work.
Anzabi’s style and influences are diverse and whilst some of his artwork is reminiscent of Dali, other pieces have elements of cubism, realism,impressionism or more interestingly a juxtaposition of more than one style therein inventing a whole new style of his own