Karen Standke is a female artist born in Germany, currently working in Victoria, Australia.
Karen Standke image

The underlying theme of Karen’s work is a love of country and nature.
Karen gives us pause to probe our relationship with our surroundings…her landscapes evoke our sense of belonging or alienation and highlight our ability to preserve or destroy. The paintings give us room to explore and discover whether our response to the land is spiritual understanding or material desire.

The dichotomies can be subtle- Karen places us on the shores of a glorious salt lake in remote Australia , yet we cannot cross…
It is part of a military training zone, with “unexploded material beneath the lake surface”…(Lake Hart, Woomera landscape II, 2006).
We are engaged by the beautiful purple flowers in the Tibooburra region of remote NSW, Australia, that upon closer inspections reveal themselves to be an introduced and invasive plant.

Offsetting these reminders of human interference is the immediate and powerful force of nature which unfolds across Karen’s canvases. Her ability to capture the grandeur helps us ground ourselves… Standke paints the wild coastal cliffs, battered for centuries by the relentless wind and water,
she manages to translate the majestic rise and rocky outline of the mountains, the thundering storms that sweep the desert, and the incredibly green and
transformed landscape after the December rains in Central Australia.

Karen gives us a source for inspiration and respect, a means to commune with what has gone before and will be ever after-

The Spirit of the land.

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Image at right: Tibooburra landscape II
Oils on Canvas 2007