Kubota Fumikazu is a male artist born in Japan, currently working in Melbourne, MELBOURNE, Victoria, Australia.
Kubota Fumikazu image

Kubota Fumikazu is a Melbourne-based artist. His practice involves painting and drawing, and his works feature precise and finely calculated geometric shapes. In his paintings he uses colourful combinations of simple forms to portray a sense of unity. The worlds created in his paintings are an antidote to an increasingly accelerating society, with all its isolation, frustration and emptiness that can occur. His drawings are mostly intricate hand drawn forms depicting aspects of the human psyche. The works are intended to serve as a stimulus for a consideration of the similarities between objects and human beings in their relationship to the world we inhabit.

He has previous solo exhibitions include You don’t need to know, how I was feeling about it (September 2012, Consulate-General of Japan, Melbourne), (Un)fortunately no longer human (March 2012, Blindside ARI, Melbourne), Between these things and those things (November 2011, No Vacancy Project Space, Melbourne), New Works (July 2008, Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy). And group shows include New Works, Yuna Chun and Kubota Fumikazu (February 2014, Fort Delta, Melbourne), No Vacancy 5th Birthday show (May 2013, Yarra Gallery, Fed Square, Melbourne), Against the Wall (December 2012, Vagabond Art space, Richmond), Half (November 2012, No Vacancy, Melbourne), As Prescribed T shirt Project (June 2012, No Vacancy Project Space, Melbourne), Google me this (May 2011, Library Art Space, North Fitzroy), Off the Kerb Black and White vs Colour (October 2010, Off the Kerb, Collingwood), Off the Kerb 3rd birthday show (April 2010, Off the Kerb, Collingwood), Macro Micro (September 2008, Platform Artist Space, Majorca Building showcase, Melbourne), My Parents Don’t Know I’m Adopted (May 2008, Projects Gallery, Collingwood) and J & K (October 2007, Ume Nomiya, Fitzroy), and his work was featured in the And Collective artist’s book A Place Tells a Story (September 2008). Since 2009 he has been designing poster-sized calendars for sale at Brunswick Bound in Brunswick and the Paperback Bookstore in Melbourne.

He recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Visual Art at the Victorian College of the Arts, graduating with First Class Honours in 2013.