Max Presneill is a curator.

Max Presneill is the Director / Curator of the Torrance Art Museum, a small contemporary art museum in Los Angeles, as well as the Curatorial Director for Artra Curatorial. He is the Founder and former Director of Raid Projects (1999 – 2009) and was Director of the Mark Moore Gallery (2005-8). He has extensive experience internationally as an artist – represented by Garboushian Gallery and Durden & Ray – as well as curator, having organized exhibitions for museums, institutes and galleries in London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Mexico City, Sydney, Istanbul, Paris, and other international cities as well as numerous projects in Los Angeles and the rest of the US, in addition to over 100 exhibitions for Raid Projects ( He was previously Professor of Fine Art at several universities in the UK and the US, teaching on various Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts courses. He holds 4 degrees (3 of which are advanced degrees). He has lived in Downtown Los Angeles since 2001.

Specialties:Contemporary Art