Dennis Ropar is a male artist born in Australia, currently working in STIRLING, South Australia, Australia.
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Dennis Ropar- Melbourne Pop Artist- b.1971
The art of Dennis Ropar is a pastiche of iconic imagery, pop-art references and gloriously kitsch colour. Avoiding categorization of a particular style or movement, Ropar’s work incorporates the previous five decades in art and design; 1950’s pin up girls, 1960’s Pop Art, 1980’s comic and graffiti culture and 1990’s post-modernity, all of which he amalgamates and recycles to bestow new meaning.
Dennis Ropar has recently achieved sell out solo shows at Jackman Gallery, St Kilda in April ‘08 & March ’09 where his paintings sold between $6,500-$19,000.
Dennis Ropar has had over 30 solo exhibitions across the country over the last eight years.
Ropar’s CV can be seen on his comprehensive website-
Recent Auction Results
2009-Deuschter Menzies:’Tidal Love’, Acrylic on canvas, 107cm x 107cm, $4,800.
2009-Deuschter Menzies:‘Smoking Popsicle’, Acrylic on canvas, 170cm x 170cm, $6,000.
2009-Deuschter Menzies: ‘Come On’, Editioned Stencil, 120cm x 160cm, $6,000.