Robert Johansson is a male artist born in Sweden, currently working in Norway.
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Artist statement, Robert Johansson

My artistic practice encompasses myths and hearsays, and how humans reflect themselves in relation to nature and animals. I use associative, illogical and alluring narratives and their correlations with control, slump and ephemerality. Many of the themes I work with have a Nordic root, somehow mystified and foggy retold and twisted during the years. I spin them around yet another time. I primary work with drawing, pyrography, installation and sculpture.

The large wall piece Inaugura was made October 2011 at HarborArts Boston Shipyard Gallery, MA, USA. The artwork, wooden reliefs, connects the 19th century scientific drawings of Ernst Haeckel with a composition referring to the structure of a cross section of the human eye.

Previous shows includes the Nos fables at SP Gallery in Stockholm (SE), 3rd Beijing International Art Biennale (CH), Sweet Punch: Recent Nordic Video (NZ) and ARS 06 at Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki (FI).