Sokazo Philippe is a male artist born in France, currently working in VANCOUVER PENINSULA, Canada.
Sokazo Philippe image

Since the past few years, I worked in Europe to create and showcase an original and personal aesthetic universe.

My juxtaposed multicoloured shapes are privileged vehicles in this quest, especially when industrials use them to embellish everyday objects: a way for me to penetrate and hopefully positively alter the lives of a greater number…

My paintings are all hand-made using acrylic and a technique called ‘Hard-Edge’.

In their unique language, they narrate stories, encounters between probable beings from unconscious universes, sensations like love, melancholy, appetite, or display landscapes that can be alternatively aquatic, aerial or virtual.

Humour and poetry play an important role in the composition, enhanced by the savoir-faire of colours.

Immerged in Sokazo’s world, the spectator lets his imagination roam through fantastic circumstances. He’ll discover a part of himself by accepting the concept of the two infinites, visible and invisible, and may even find himself content with his condition in a universe bound by endless questioning.

The West Coast is a new source of inspiration for me. Magnificent icons spur from its foundations, half-divinities, half-spirits, like memoirs of the Rain Forest with its thousand mysteries.

This is the work I want to share with the public, the opportunity for them to realize, through my contemporary picturesque poems, the incredible richness and potential for dreams and inspiration that this unique place shelters.

Philippe Sokazo