Matto Lucas is a male artist born in Australia, currently working in Australia.
Matto Lucas image

Creating art is a way for me to belong to myself. Using performance as a foundation, I aim to further the understandings of queer male body value systems.
In questioning human worth, my concern is to own space or property.
The work presents the passive body, and the body ‘at work’ ‐ bodies that transgress both fragility and empowerment.
It exists to be both frightened and frightening.
It exists. I exist.

Matto Lucas is an establishing Australian Visual Artist working with photography, mixed and digital media.

In 2013 Lucas was awarded a Lifetime Membership to Midsumma for his continuous work and commitment as a visual artist within the LGBTQI community.
In 2015 Lucas operated as Coalesce ARI’s President.

Represented commercially by Artman Gallery in 2013, Lucas is currently completing a Masters of Fine Art at RMIT University Melbourne and has previously undertaken a Bachelor of Design Arts at the Academy of Design Australia, majoring in visual arts and photomedia. In 2011 Lucas was shortlisted for the Metro Gallery Art Award, and shortlisted for the AGENDO13 young emerging artists prize in 2013.
Lucas has been involved in a large number of exhibitions nationally and is available for commissions.