Justine Poplin is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Other Regional New South Wales, New South Wales, China.
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Justine Poplin BFA, MA Media Arts

Poplin is an interdisciplinary New Media Artist. She studied Film and Video at UNSW Australia, where she majored in Media Art and completed her first degree a Bachelor of Fine Art. In 1999 she continued studying at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia and attained a Master of Media Art.
Her work has explored concepts of the voice and performance as realised through new technologies and cross-disciplinary means of presentation. Recently she is interested in cultural identity and how that is portrayed in contemporary art. Poplin’s work alludes to ‘physicality’ in projection in most of her work, which extends preconceived notions of screen-based culture.
Her background has seen her involvement with a variety of hybridised art forms and New Media presentations of performance works both in Melbourne, Sydney and in China. She has performed and collaborated with many artists including The Post Arrivalists and Frumpus.
Poplin also lectures in conventional and experimental Video Art, Cinematography, Computer Visual Design and surrounding theories that fuel creation.