Alex Sanson is a male artist born in Australia, currently working in Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia.
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Alex’s practice started in the early 90’s with a series of small, playful and toy-like sculptures inspired very much by Alexander Calder’s circus. Since then Alex’s practice has developed to include small scale static and kinetic works, often interactive and activated by touch, and much larger installation art and large scale sculpture for outdoor arts and music festivals. Many of the larger works are also kinetic, generally mechanically driven, though sometimes hand or wind triggered or operated.

Alex’s primary medium is steel, for its strength, versatility, modesty and because it lends itself to so many different techniques and applications. Alex also uses other metals, timber, plastics, stone, electrical and mechanical components where appropriate. Techniques used include fabrication and machining, welding, a little blacksmithing, woodworking etc. After initial concept development, CAD is used extensively to help fully imagine and plan complex moving 3D structures.

Selected past projects:

• Large commissioned kinetic work at Maitreya Festival
See video here

• Installation of kinetic pieces in the Toorak Festival of Sculpture and the Yering Station Sculpture Competition (winner of the People’s Choice Award);

• A large scale installation, Material World, in Federation Square, Melbourne. Commissioned by Melbourne Fringe Festival, with other key artists (community and theatre) Ian Pidd and Jessica Wilson, Material World sought to explore and express some of the more personal and intimate stories of what it is to be a refugee in Australia today. It did this through the domestic environment of a ‘house’, the private secure space and sanctuary that we all generally take for granted. Our Material World house was constructed of thousands of personal objects of significance to our project participants, with various film and other installations to discover inside. See more here

• An interactive, kinetic and multimedia installation, Small Revolutions, in Federation Square, Melbourne. Commissioned by Melbourne Fringe Festival and designed with other key artists (community and film) Nadja Kostich and Jeremy Angerson. This project explored relationships between children and their grandparents and sought to challenges stereotypes associated with the elderly. Inside a large geodesic dome an immersive and dynamic environment was created featuring film and audio made with substantial community input and my primary responsibility, a ‘rolling ball’ sculpture where balls moved along twisting, linked and sometimes unpredictable paths that served as metaphors for people’s journeys through life. It had various points of interaction symbolizing key events and meeting points and moments of delight and excitement but also times for quiet contemplation and consideration. See more here

• Two installations at WOMAD, Adelaide, 2003.

• Installation of kinetic indoor and outdoor pieces at the Sydney launch of Earthdance International Peace Festival at Brickworks Park and Newtown Social Club.

• An outdoor piece for aRtECYCLE at Incinerator Arts Centre in Moonee Ponds.

• A very large scale integrated stage, shading and mechanical sculpture installation at The Outback Eclipse Festival in Lyndhurst, South Australia, 2002.

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