Eleanor Gates-Stuart is a female artist born in United Kingdom, currently working in Australian Capital Territory, Australia.
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Eleanor’s interests firmly cross-over arts, education, science, communication and media.

Further information: http://www.eleanorgatestuart.com.au

Description of Work – Image: FC02

Finger Codes is the title relating to the body of artwork produced by Eleanor Gates-Stuart as part of her artist residency at the University of California Santa Cruz. Using the fingerprint as a device for human identity, Gates-Stuart merged numerous reference information meshed into multiple grids and layers as a new visual translation of complex systems and network existence.

Human fingerprints are translated into numerical symbols, coded through the artist’s drawings and used as symbolic data. Patterns that merge are also to be lost, woven and undone again, in layers adding complexity in the language of code and information architecture. The artist strives for simple representation, the artworks to appear non-technological and seemingly painterly, a result that belies the underlying infrastructure and composition of this creative endeavour.

Additional Information:
Honourary Research Professor at UCSC
Fellow of the Australian National University
PhD Candidate – Centre for the Public Awareness of Science CPAS, ANU.
Graduate Certificate in Higher Education, ANU.
M.A. Chelsea School of Art, University of the Arts, London. UK.
B.A. (Hons) Fine Arts. Sheffield Hallam University, UK.

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