Margo Ovcharenko, Escape, 2009

Art Artwork from United States. Published by anonymous on Friday 01 March 2013.

Escape image

Year: 2009 For sale : USD $750.00

A Moscow-based photographer, Ovcharenko aims to narrow the distance between subject and viewer. In her work light and silence are the greatest allies, drawing the spectator in, as in the case of this intimate portrait of a young couple. Aperture has digital prints of the Artist's work for sale.

Margo Ovcharenko’s Untitled, from the series Escape, was featured in re:Generation 2: Tomorrow’s Photographers Today, the second book in the Aperture series shining a spotlight on the next generation’s rising stars.

“I want there to be an article in the declaration of children’s rights and human rights in every constitution that gives everyone the right to escape. I would like statistics in a well-known web encyclopedia on how many young people fell head-over-heels in love for the first time this year, not only how many died from unfortunate sexual experiences, bulimia, and homemade LSD. I want to know the average age of people who will write a collected book of verse, not only how many girls get plastic breasts.” —Margo Ovcharenko

Ovcharenko focuses on Russian youth, with whom she shares early experiences of adult life. She photographs young people with whom she has become friends or with whom she has a close relationship. She also chooses to work under natural light to communicate the affection of the bond that links her to her subjects. She never tries to be too close, too intrusive—or, conversely, too remote. Her images convey a sense of hope that thse youth should be able to escape from the restrictive circumstances in their lives, whether it’s a city where they feel ill at ease, a job, a school lesson. Passion, energy, and opportunity are her wishes for the world.

Margo Ovcharenko (born in Russia in 1989) currently studies photography in Fabrica, Italy. She has had solo shows in Copenhagen, Denmark, and St.Petersburg, Russia, and has participated in group shows in France and Russia. She is represented by RUSSIANTEAROOM in Paris.

25 and 4 artist’s proof
Digital C-print
Image Size: 20 X 24 inches
Paper Size: 23 9/16 × 35 × 6/16 inches
Signed and numbered by the artist