Counterweight Roommate

Art Artwork from United Kingdom. Published by anonymous on Wednesday 13 March 2013.

Counterweight Roommate image Counterweight Roommate image Counterweight Roommate image

Year: 2011

Counterweight Roommate is an example of 'Performance Architecture'. Two people live in a vertical house, dependent on one another's movements. Each occupant must use the other as a counterweight to move up or down to different levels of the house.

When one occupant wishes to go up to the kitchen at the top level, the other must go down to the bathroom at the bottom. Between these two rooms are two private sleep / work rooms on levels two and four, and a common room at level three where the ends of the rope meet.

Counterweight Roommate was continuously inhabited for five full days of Scope Basel in 2011 by performance-architecture artists Alex Schweder La and Ward Shelley.

Photography by Georgios Kefalas.

Various construction materials, household appliances, 2 people of the same weight 2’-0” x 32’-0” x 6’-0”, 5 Days,