Gelbes Objekt (Yellow Object)

Art Artwork from Germany. Published by anonymous on Monday 25 March 2013.

Gelbes Objekt (Yellow Object) image Gelbes Objekt (Yellow Object) image

Year: 2013

Gelbes Objekt is an interactive sculpture that closes if somebody approaches and opens when it’s left alone. The YELLOW OBJECT is a bit mysterious, almost shy, floating thing. It carries a kind of architectural miniaturization inside. The object reacts on the human body. It closes if somebody approaches and it opens when it’s left alone.

The object is a sculptural intermediary between the real space around the object [an area of action and movement] and the space of miniaturization inside [a space of projection and a space to immerse oneself into].

Candy Lenk and Anna Borgman show the interactive installation YELLOW OBJECT at the WINTER ART SALON “About Individuality” in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Schleiermacherstraße 31-37.

Opening Sat | 15.12.12 | 7 pm + Exhibition Tue-Fri | 18-21.12.12 | 4-6 p