MCA launches the Anish Kapoor 'living' digital catalogue.

Art Artwork from Australia. Published by M.C.A. on Saturday 30 March 2013.

MCA launches the Anish Kapoor 'living' digital catalogue. image MCA launches the Anish Kapoor 'living' digital catalogue. image

The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) has launched the installation edition of the Ashish Kapoor e-publication. In a world first, the publication is a *'living catalogue'*, evolving over the course of the exhibition, allowing the Museum to update content with video interviews, texts and behind the scenes footage before and during the exhibition.

The MCA forwent an accompanying print publication for its major Anish Kapoor exhibibon, instead opting for a digital version only.

A traditional printed catalogue produced months ahead of an exhibition fails to capture the installation challenges and in situ exhibition.

The e-publication unfolds in three steps: a preview, the installation and the exhibition itself.

The Preview Edition of the e-publication launched the day of the exhibition opening and focused on the breadth of Kapoor’s practice.

The Installation Edition, launching today, adds:

  • Tony Mighell, MCA Exhibition Service Manager, and Nick Reichinger from SDA Consulting Engineers describing the piecing together of Memory (2008), a 24-ton sculpture and one of the Museum’s most complex installations ever.
  • Dr Kevin Brooks, a specialist in Visual Perception and Psychophysics, explaining the perceptual effects of Kapoor’s mirrored and void works.
  • Anish Kapoor giving the Ann Lewis AO Contemporary Visual Arts International Address at the MCA.
  • Essays about Kapoor’s public works and the complexity of their design and engineering.

The Reflection Edition to be launched at the end of the exhibition will add a series of different perspectives on the Anish Kapoor exhibition from curators, visitors and MCA staff.

MCA Digital Media Manager Keir Winesmith said: ‘Everything we do is about telling stories and sharing content and our digital experience is there to enhance this. We are presenting three publications rolled into one, made possible with an innovative digital publishing platform and the cooperation of Anish Kapoor’s studio.’

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