Melissa Thompson: The Impostors

Art Artwork from China. Published by anonymous on Wednesday 29 May 2013.

The Impostors image

The Imposters is documented from a larger in-process body of work by the same title. With 28 nordic animal and ghost figures constructed in porcelain to date, the installation is based on totemic animal figures in the tradition of Scandinavian folktales and explores an on-going narrative with a cast of diverse characters who employ a range of mimicry devices and disguises.

Constructed as finger puppets in order to invite interaction, this piece comes to take on its own shifting and interchangeable dynamic.

“In 1932, the year that Lacan published his doctoral thesis, the US Government funded a study of mimicry, the propensity of animals to take on the colourings of their
habitat or the appearance of other species. Opening up the stomachs of some eighty-thousand Nearctic birds, the principal researcher, McAffee, found that the insects that could disguise themselves as landscape fared no better than those that couldn’t. Mimicry failed to increase one’s chances of survival in a cruel world.”

Darian Leader, “Stealing the Mona Lisa; What Art Stops us from Seeing.”

The Imposters, No. 1, photographed hand-built porcelain puppets, hypercium berries 31 × 22 cm, 2012

Master of Arts, Visual Arts, Goldsmiths College, University of London, U.K.
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Concordia University, Montreal.
Double Major: Interdisciplinary Fine Arts & Creative Writing.

Selected Publications, Awards and Exhibitions

Curated Locale Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter 2011 In-store Art Program. Montreal, Canada.

Selected as a visiting lecturer/ writer for the Quebec Writer’s in Cegeps Program initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Communications, Montreal Canada.
Invited to do a reading in association with Versal Literary Magazine, Amsterdam. I also did a short interview with Time Out Amsterdam at this time, which appeared in their August issue, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Recipient of Canada Council for the Arts Writing Grant for Possum (novel), Canada
Thoroughred (short fiction) shortlisted for the Carte Blanche Award. Montreal, Canada.
Invited artist, “Lifetime x Keep a Breast,” exhibit and auction. Vancouver, Canada.

Publication of Thoroughbred (short fiction) in Lifetime Collective’s Book 6. Vancouver, Canada.

Dreadful Paris short-listed for the McAuslan First Book Award, by the Quebec Writer’s Federation, Canada
Publication of Dreadful Paris (novel) by Snare Books of Montreal, Canada.

Proposed and edited “The New Victorians,” a special section of contemporary Victorian-inspired written and visual work for Matrix magazine. Montreal, Canada.

Souvenir, (group exhibit) Transitions Gallery, London, U.K.
Homing Devices (exhibit) House Gallery, London, U.K.

Edited and Designed “Personal Space”
Special Section of Matrix magazine. Montreal, Canada.
Recipient of Visual Arts Research Scholarship for M.A. Research. Montreal, Canada.
Fonds de Recherche sur la Nature et les Technologies, Québec, Canada