Chen Xi: Jet Turtle

Art Artwork from China. Published by anonymous on Wednesday 29 May 2013.

Jet Turtle image

Year: 2012

Jet Turtle, Chinese ink, 32.6 x 70.6 cm, 2012

My works often acts as a metaphor for some kind of limited physical reality and through them I try to discover the humor and quirky ways for us to endure an incomprehensible environment that is beyond human control.

By careful selection of detail, I can build my own fictional movie-like scenes inside my works in which narratives are more likely lead to an obfuscation of meaning.

There is free association of visual elements and an exploration of the symbolic capacity of objects (such as high-tech products, tanks and aircraft) or well-know cultural products (such as Snow White, Batman and Little Mermaid). Yet my individual vision doesn’t imply a clear critique of how we think and how we understand the world.