Hiromi Tango Dance 2013

Art Artwork from Australia. Published by M.C.A. on Friday 05 July 2013.

Hiromi Tango Dance 2013 image

Year: 2013

Hiromi Tango is a Japanese-born artist, currently based in Sydney, who creates immersive, sculptural installations that invite audience interaction, often with a performative aspect. Hiromi Tango is interested in the therapeutic ability of art and ‘interactions that create moments of magic that might otherwise be lost in the perpetual motion of daily life’.

For the Bella Room in 2013, Hiromi Tango has transformed the space into a colourful and playful interactive learning environment, using a range of colours, patterns and textures to create an experience that is stimulating, safe and, above all, fun.

Dance is an immersive environment with soft forms growing up walls and across the floor and ceiling. The artist will be actively engaged in the creation and ongoing development of Dance over the twelve month period. Bella participants are encouraged to contribute to the evolution of the space through the creation of soft sculptural elements and the artist is keen to develop performance and movement-based activities. Participants are also able to explore the artwork through touch-screens incorporated into sculptural components, creating an interface that makes technology more personal, linking language and social interaction.

Hiromi Tango’s recent projects include Home – Gwangju, Gwangju Beinnale, South Korea, 2012, Pistil, Contemporary Australia: Women, QAG /GoMA, 2012, Hiromi Hotel Mackay Art Farm, 2009-2010. She was also a participating artist in Primavera 2011 at the MCA .