Steve Lambert - Capitalism Works For Me!

Art Artwork from United States. Published by anonymous on Tuesday 13 August 2013.

Steve Lambert - Capitalism Works For Me!  image

Year: 2011

Put in the form of a massive, carnival-like spectacle, bright dancing lights lead us into difficult intellectual territory where the foundations of our everyday lives are called into question. Every 30 seconds, use the voting booth to cast your True or False vote, which will then appear on the sign.

Lambert’s piece for Turning FACT Inside Out encourages debate and discussion and reiterates FACT as a safe space for risky conversations.

This piece has travelled the world, accumulating video, photo, and written documentation illustrating how participants react to the provocative statement and this is accessible both online and in the atrium next to the artwork. Experiencing others’ thoughts about the topic allows us to discover international perspectives that we can identify with or be challenged by.!-(truefalse)/