Coaster Plinth

Art Artwork from United Kingdom. Published by anonymous on Thursday 15 August 2013.

Coaster Plinth image Coaster Plinth image

This product is part of a range of ‘dyslexic objects’ I designed in response to my own dyslexic condition. The aim was to improve the objects through the addition of dyslexia, encouraging the user to re-engage with ordinary objects and subject people to products with a higher emotional function.

Misreading and not fully understanding are symptoms of dyslexia and can be elevated by pressured situations. This coaster misread the dimensions it was supposed to be and hasn’t understood the question (classic dyslexic). As a result it is more of a plinth than a coaster. The Coaster Plinth is designed to make one more aware of the mug and less likely to knock it over by elevating it. The mug feels more precarious on the Coaster Plinth and results in a different interaction, encouraging people to place the mug in the centre, delicately, despite being just as stable as it would be on the desk. When the mug is empty the Coaster Plinth becomes this celebrated platform for your mug, which aims to prize the object at a higher significance than just another vessel. It’s your mug, which people seem to form strong connections with, so why not have a plinth for it.