Art Artwork from United Kingdom. Published by anonymous on Friday 16 August 2013.

Luz image

Lûz is a 6 meter tall, 3-sided pyramid, and as the name suggests, it is a celebration of light.

From a distance, it’s a large ethereal reflective structure blurring the lines between horizon and sky. Inside is an intricate composition of brightly coloured triangular patterns. Thanks to the mirrored interior, the geometric patterns are repeated continually – thus appearing infinite.

Participants interact with the structure from the moment they enter Lûz. Your reflection is incorporated into the patterns and then refracted within the mirrored space, making you part of the kaleidoscopic experience.

You can also control the colour of the lights within the space. By walking, dancing and moving around inside Lûz, you trigger changes in the colour of the light emitted, revealing new geometric landscapes within the patterns.

The phenomenal thing is that the actual physical art piece hasn’t changed – it’s the different light spectrum being released within the pyramid that reveals the new patterns within the same art piece!