Spiraling Stack of Bikes Creates 'Forever Bicycles' Installation

Art Artwork. Published by anonymous on Wednesday 23 January 2013.

Spiraling Stack of Bikes Creates 'Forever Bicycles' Installation 1 image Spiraling-Stack-of-Bikes-Creates-Forever-Bicycles-Installation-2 image Spiraling-Stack-of-Bikes-Creates-Forever-Bicycles-Installation-3 image Spiraling-Stack-of-Bikes-Creates-Forever-Bicycles-Installation-4 image Spiraling-Stack-of-Bikes-Creates-Forever-Bicycles-Installation-5 image Spiraling-Stack-of-Bikes-Creates-Forever-Bicycles-Installation-6 image Spiraling-Stack-of-Bikes-Creates-Forever-Bicycles-Installation-7 image Spiraling-Stack-of-Bikes-Creates-Forever-Bicycles-Installation-8 image Spiraling-Stack-of-Bikes-Creates-Forever-Bicycles-Installation-9 image

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is a great master at creating beautiful art installations. His “Forever Bicycles” is always an ingenious use of such a large scaled, awkward media. Utilizing 1,200 bikes, Weiwei creates all kinds of inspiring compositions out of the cycles.

Each bike has had its handlebars and seats removed, which allows the metal parts and pieces to extend and gang together in an artistic fashion. They have been stacked up to 100 feet high, and each angle that they are looked upon gives the exhibit a whole new look. There is something completely calming while remaining entirely attention grabbing about this amazing work of art.