Beautiful Steps #2

Art Artwork. Published by anonymous on Monday 18 November 2013.

Beautiful Steps #2  image

Biel-Bienne CH, "Utopics. 11th Swiaa Sculpture Exhibition"

technique: steel zincked, aluminium anodized
dimensions: 177 × 523 × 458 cm
curator: Simon Lamunière

The congress building in Biel-Bienne plays a trick on perception: because the diminutive grid of its large glass front does not match the ceiling height of the floors, the building appears taller than it is¬ómore like a skyscraper than its actual 50 meters (164 foot) of height. The building also features an unusual concrete structure that encloses one half of the volume like an oversize frame, leaving a gap on one side between itself and the building. On this pillar, almost three-quarters of the way up, an aluminum stair was attached, leading from one fake door to another around one corner of the structure. In keeping with the optical illusion of the building, the work was built to a slightly smaller scale than a normal door and stair. The slender sculpture plays with an imaginary functionality.