The Rock in Room Ten

Art Artwork from Australia. Published by anonymous on Friday 07 February 2014.

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'The Rock in Room Ten’ is a new book which explores the effects of gambling and mental health. It unravels a man who is a gambling addict, and explores how his life was changed after discovering an extra-terrestrial object

“The Rock in Room Ten” (published by Trafford Singapore) follows a man who is trapped in a cycle of gambling and erratic behaviour. The discovery of a strange extra-terrestrial object in the room next door might give him the impetus to break free of the destructive cycle of his gambling addiction. The rock is an unknown quantity, but Joe’s intuition tells him that there is mutual benefit it can give by assisting the rock on its journey. Will he be successful in his plans? Find out what happens next as this exhilarating book uncovers its ending.

Plot Summary
Joe Simic lives in a rooming house which takes in men who cannot get accommodation elsewhere due to mental health issues or for various other reasons. Joe is fighting a gambling problem and has frequent anxiety attacks. The man in the room next to his, David, is in very poor health and Joe suspects that something in David’s room is the cause of recurrent visions of another world. Joe is convinced that he has somehow made a connection with something sentient in David’s room. When David is taken to hospital with little chance of returning, Joe steals what turns out to be a very dark rock. One of the visions he has when the rock in his room gives some indication that David’s health and state of mind rapidly deteriorate after coming into possession of the rock. Despite this information, Joe continues ro protect the rock and just trust his own instinct.

“The Rock in Room Ten”

By Mario Fenech

Softcover | 5 × 8 in | 100 pages | 9781490702698

e-book | 9781490702681

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