[openspace] wilderness

Art Artwork from United States. Published by anonymous on Thursday 27 March 2014.

[openspace] wilderness image

Year: 2014

Hello visitor, and welcome to the [openspace] wilderness - a preserve of virtual space encompassing [68 square MB] of abandoned social-network profiles as well a dynamic population of wildlife and visitors. The concrete collapse of Detroit left an empty shell to be picked over, explored, and reinhabited. What is left in the virtual ruins of MySpace or similarly vacated digital social spaces?

The abandoned profiles which account for the bulk of the park’s area have been created by gathering the posts of long-neglected blogs. The names have been changed to protect the innocent, however the content of the abandoned profiles in the park is directly pulled from the posts of the recovered blogs. Visitors to the park are welcome to view, [tag], like – [+], and [comment] the forgotten posts and profiles they encounter while exploring the site on – [@] or off – [–] [trails].

Additionally, Visitors may opt to experience the park as either a [predator] or a [forager] which entreats them to certain abilities and actions – [predators] may [eat] prey they encounter, whereas [foragers] may [graze] post content. As one of these active profiles, your [energy] will be depleted and you may eventually die of starvation if you don’t consume a foodsource while you explore the park. As profiles die, the site will become littered with the virtual bodies of the dead explorers, opportunists, and colonizers that have wandered into its bounds.

The wilderness is a finite and consumable resource. You are among the first human eyes to gaze upon much of this content in many years. Your actions effect the whole of the park and it may be preserved and mapped or overrun and overgrazed based on the behavior of those who choose to visit.