Bo Ningen Station To Station

Art Album from United Kingdom. Published by anonymous on Friday 21 August 2015.

Bo Ningen
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Year: 2015 For sale : GBP £20.00

Product Details: - Recorded live as part of Doug Aitken's 'Station to Station' - Manufactured on The Vinyl Factory Press - Head-crafted, black dye artwork by Åbäke Studio (Åbäke and Jonas Meier) - Media used: Black hair dye head-banged onto the record sleeve. - Music produced by Justin Stanley - Limited Edition of 300

Enlightenment activists from far east psychedelic underground, Bo Ningen are from Tokyo, Gunmma, Tajimi, Nishinomiya, but all met in London after locking themselves in a Hackney studio for 10 hours a day. Musically, they channel their country’s legacy of obscure, brain-warping heavy-psych. Les Ralizes Denudés, High Rise, Sweet and Honey and Flower Travellin’ Band are all traceable beneath their esoteric sound.

The Vinyl Factory has partnered American multi-media artist Doug Aitken and the Barbican to bring his acclaimed ‘Station to Station: A 30 Day Happening’ to the UK for a month-long, building-wide, art intervention, from Saturday 27 June – Sunday 26 July.

For the duration of the event, which features residencies, installations, live performances, workshops, screenings and more, The Vinyl Factory has created The Vinyl Factory Recording Studio to provide a space for musicians and artists to experiment and improvise and has installed The Vinyl Factory Press on-site to manufacture these recordings into vinyl editions.

Bo Ningen recorded this release in The Vinyl Factory Recording Studio as part of Station To Station. Pressed on-site at the Barbican Centre for Station to Station July 2015.

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