Art Album from United Kingdom. Published by anonymous on Thursday 15 October 2015.


Year: 2015 For sale : GBP £10.00

Created by a collective of London’s most exciting artists, Death Drive is a peak-time electronic club track that features Eddie Peake, Prem Sahib and George Henry Longly (AHMD) on both production and vocals, and co-produced by long time collaborator Tim Goalen.

Inspired by and invoking the heady dance floors of their Anal House Meltdown parties, the pounding excitement of long nights at Berghain, the legendary Berlin club, and intense but fleeting romantic trysts facilitated by clubs and parties. Resident Berghain DJ and producer Fiedel has created a remix that will also feature on the release.

The accompanying cover artwork by the trio features a group of the artists’ lovers and friends, and the video, produced by AHMD, has been created from footage shot on the dancefloor of their parties.

The single is a co-release from The Vinyl Factory, the foremost British label collaborating with artists and musicians, and HYMN, artist Eddie Peake’s record label, founded with VF.

Peake, Sahib and Longly are three of the most exciting artists working in the UK today, and this project will coincide with Frieze 2015, during which they will launch the release with a party at Corsica Studios as part of a collaborative club night with Chapter 10. October 8th also sees Peake reveal his new commission for The Curve in the Barbican, and Sahib will open a solo show at the ICA on 23 September.

AHMD says: “We wanted to create a track that both embodies the spirit of our clubnight, Anal House Meltdown, and that we would love to play at it. We wanted it to have an epic and odyssey like feeling. As such we knew we wanted it to be over ten minutes long and to have several different phases, but to be unified by a constantly charged sense of sexual and romantic longing."