Numbers Artwork

Art Artwork from France. Published by Numbers Artwork on Tuesday 24 November 2015.

Numbers - £5,000 image Numbers - $723 image

Year: 2015 For sale

Numbers are pictures with their price written on them. All issues are unique: they have their own serial number and all amounts can only be purchased once. It is a reflection about the price of art. It is also about giving anyone access to a unique piece of art, not only people who can afford art: just decide what money you want to spend for it.

By ordering and completing a transaction, a Numbers is manufactured and listed in a database, with its own serial number. This database is the core of Numbers, and stands for an unbreakable proof of authenticity.

It does have a highly philosophic impact: the interaction created between an owner and a picture is one of total objectivity, made possible by the purely logical process that gives birth to a picture.