Next Nature Book

Nature Changes Along With Us

Art Book from Netherlands. Published by anonymous on Tuesday 12 April 2016.

Next Nature Book  image Next Nature Book  image

We debate saving nature, we dream about escaping to nature, but rarely do we ask “What is nature?”. The Next Nature book radically shifts your notion of nature. Where technology and nature are traditionally seen as opposed, they now appear to merge or even trade places. With our urge to design our environment, we cause the rising of a next nature that is unpredictable as ever.

Nature changes along with us!

The Next Nature book is a compendium of the most thought provoking observations from, completely re-edited and supplemented by thematic specials, new visual material and stunning graphics, as well as guest essays by (a.o.) Bruce Sterling, Kevin Kelly, Rachel Armstrong, Tracy Metz, Bas Haring, Peter Lunenfeld, and Jos de Mul.

Edited by Koert van Mensvoort and Hendrik-Jan Grievink / 472 pages paperback / Published by Actar (Barcelona) / Language: English / ISBN-10: 8492861533 / ISBN-13: 978-8492861538