Between You and Me

Art Artwork from Australia. Published by anonymous on Friday 27 May 2016.

Between You and Me image

Year: 2012

Between You and Me explores intimacy and trust through an investigation of boundaries and live interaction. I invited the audience to engage with me, to physically negotiate the intersections of our bodies by pushing up against one another separated by an air filled balloon.

We engage pressure until the balloon explodes, collapsing the obstacle separating us. The balloon is a physical representation of this space. Together we create, engage and traverse the tension between our bodies. We are startled at the explosion of the balloon as snap we make contact. Our intimacy is magnified by the fear of the pop, the shared knowledge that we are destined for the explosion and collapse of defining space. It is the end point that we journey toward together. We seek the explosion and are suitably satisfied, but cannot escape our impulsive response.

Reminiscent of childhood activities such as the orange game where oranges are passed between individuals’, carried within the cavity formed between the chin and throat, and a bouncy jumping castle, the work explores and induces uncontrollable and intimate encounters. I draw attention to the body’s surface by wearing a blue Lycra one-piece body suit, which thinly covers my body.

In the performance I wanted to explore what intimate connection the encounter might induce? What can be experienced, shared, transferred or transgressed? Each interaction became a forced contact. I am interested in how each individual forms a unique relationship with their counterpart to negotiate this encounter. Connecting with people through the anticipated yet consistently startling experience, presented a potential break in the many boundaries that isolate us. This was an opportunity to escape the solitary self, bonding through shared experience, and thus establishing a direct flow between the porous boundaries of perceived ‘selves’, without reference or consideration of history, context or identity politics: an impulsive connection, stripped of cultural conditioning.