Performance Sculpture: lying in concrete 2011

Art Album from Australia. Published by anonymous on Tuesday 31 May 2016.

Performance Sculpture: lying in concrete 2011 image

Year: 2011

My new performance work (TL4E) is about our need to immortalise ourselves in forever. My body sinks, is set into concrete, like the names and truths we commit in wet pavement and observe forever in the footpaths.

It is our need to define and uphold a stable and rigid definition of ourselves; the need for the promise of forever, that binds us in the past, preventing us from the now, from the truth, from the future. I present a better future for Juliet and Snow white: Take a deep breath, don’t look back.

Hannah Raisin, February 14 2011

With thanks to John Raisin, Kate Raisin, Kellie Wells and Simon Attwool, for all their hard work help and support with this project. Photographic documentation by Kellie Wells