Follow the White Rabbit

Art Film from Australia. Published by anonymous on Tuesday 31 May 2016.

Follow the White Rabbit image

Year: 2011

Follow the White Rabbit, seeks to push beyond the fairytale, to find a hidden truth or knowing by chasing the white rabbit. It explores a battle to assert a new or different self into a world beyond our own monotony and observes the loss of innocence and the change that follows.

Why, when we are frightened do we so often manifest and embody what we fear? To avoid vulnerability and fragility our fear can feed and nurture a desire for power. Power enacted as a rejection and assertion of control over ones anxiety, I am interested in the confusion between personal control and empowerment of the vulnerable.

Our choices, the filters we use, stop us committing the horrors our minds can concoct. What happens when we are blinded by our insecurities and fear? When a judgment or action is skewed, driven by the madness of our emotions? There is no high security negotiator to buffer in and talk us into transferring the keys to our inner wise woman. Sometimes we do awful things that horrify us.

I originally obtained the white rabbit from a rabbit for food farm. With the intention of skinning and preparing it’s meat to feed an audience, who would experience the production of the meal through video documentation. I also planned to create a garment from the skin. In this process I wanted to appear powerful; to present a masculine, strong self, and reject my own vulnerability and fragility. However when I met the dead rabbit, my realisation of what I had done completely shifted my focus. I became compelled to open up a conversation about the human capacity to commit horrific actions, and the power that enables us to do them, so often without examination or acknowledgement, and sometimes with personal disturbing consequences completely contrary to our intentions.