Remember, Graeme Peebles

Possibly the largest mezzotint ever created

Art Artwork from Australia. Published by Soula Mantalvanos on Monday 05 September 2016.

Remember image

For sale : AUD $5,250.00

‘Remember’ is believed to be the largest single plate mezzotint ever created and has been printed using four different inks in the a la poupé method of intaglio printing. It took Graeme 9 months just to rock the plate. Remember features during our Primavera exhibition this month at QG&W

Essentially ‘Remember is an image conceptually based on the tradition of Momento Mori pictures (remember you must die).
It is a theme Graeme Peebles has returned to many times as an artist. ‘The image consists of schools of sardines thronging away from one dead fish, or life fleeing from death. I often use still life or animals and found objects to illustrate underlying human foibles and concerns.’