Streeton Prints - the unseen 'honeymoon' etchings

Contemporary works inspired by Sir Arthur Streeton

Art Artwork from Australia. Published by Soula Mantalvanos on Thursday 20 April 2017.

Ruum III, Andrew Weatherill image The Last Colosseum, Adam Nudelman image From Barren Grounds, Danielle Creenaune image

Year: 2017 For sale

Streeton Prints aims to demonstrate the legacy of an artist such as Sir Arthur Streeton. Nine resident artists worked in the gallery to show their influence, while others created contemporary works especially for the exhibition.

The exhibition will be made possible with the support and collaboration of the Streeton family members and QG&W represented artists (by residency): Joel Wolter, Philip Davey, Emmy Mavroidis, Adam Nudelman, Amanda Firenze, Michelle Joy Caithness, Soula Mantalvanos, Andrew Weatherill and James Pasakos
Also exhibiting: Danielle Creenaune, Andrew Gunnell, Bronwyn Rees, Stephen Tester, Clayton Tremlett, John Waller, and Deborah Williams