Artist interview: hear from Peta Clancy

MGA x RMIT Photography

Art Online Resource from Australia. Published by Monash Gallery of Art on Wednesday 10 June 2020.

Artist interview: hear from Peta Clancy image

Over the past year MGA has been working behind the scenes with RMIT University School of Art Photography to produce a series of videos that interview Australian artists and curators who feature in MGA's Collection and programs. We are excited to share with you the first in our interview series featuring artist Peta Clancy.

Peta Clancy’s Portrait of Monash commissioned body of work ‘Undercurrent’ uncovers indigenous sites of significance in Monash.

In this video Clancy discusses her process, her materials and the challenges inherent in uncovering the history and story of a place that has been disturbed by intenstive invasion.

We will continue to release these featured interviews over the coming months. So dive in and listen to the fascinating stories behind the photographs.