TOPshots 2020–21 can be viewed online

Art Online Resource from Australia. Published by Museum of Australian Photography on Sunday 13 February 2022.

TOPshots 2020–21 can be viewed online image

Year: 2021

For over a decade MGA has celebrated the excellence of young photomedia artists in our community with the annual TOPshots award and exhibition. The artworks displayed in this exhibition offer little more than a glimpse of the year-long course of study each of these young artists has undertaken.

It would be remiss not to mention the laborious nature of each of these subjects and the hours spent testing, refining and creating final folio pieces and documenting creative processes in visual diaries.

TOPshots will be exhibited at the gallery as soon as restrictions are eased, in the meantime we invite you to view the shortlisted works online and take inspiration from the creative potential that TOPshots 2020–21 represents.