Owen Leong: Phoenix Claw (2012)

Art Artwork from Australia. Published by anonymous on Tuesday 16 October 2012.

Owen Leong: Phoenix Claw (2012) image

Year: 2012

Owen Leong, Phoenix Claw (2012) Bleached beeswax, 18 x 6 x 4 cm. Photography: Shoufay Derz. Courtesy of the artist and Dianne Tanzer Gallery + Projects, Melbourne.

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We’re proud to announce the 4A EDITION Vol 2 #2, Phoenix Claw (2012) by Owen Leong
is the next in our series.

Owen Leong is a Sydney-based artist who uses the human body as a medium to interrogate social, cultural and political forces. His photographs, sculptures and video performances attempt to subvert our relationship to the body by evoking abject responses to his work. Often employing liquids in his practice such as blood, milk and honey, Leong explores the passage between perceptual and physical thresholds of the body.

Phoenix Claw reflects on the memory of culture, place and identity. The sculpture takes the form of a chicken foot, which is renowned in China for its healing qualities and is considered a culinary delicacy. Cast in pristine bleached beeswax, the sculpture is the physical echo of a once living form: an impression of a body that no longer exists. In the same way that memory holds restorative and regenerative potential, Phoenix Claw gestures towards both a remembered past and an imagined future.

Owen Leong was born 1979 in Sydney, Australia. He studied printmaking, sculpture, performance and installation at College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales where he completed his Master of Fine Arts and was the recipient of a prestigious Australian Postgraduate Award. Selected solo exhibitions include Infiltrator at Dianne Tanzer Gallery + Projects, Melbourne (2012); Tidal Skin at Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne (2012); and White Amnesia at Sherman Galleries, Sydney (2004). Selected group exhibitions include the Liverpool Biennial Independents, Liverpool (2006); Magic Spaces at Today Art Museum, Beijing (2011); Soft Power at Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai (2007); and Asian Attitude: Transit Forces at the National Museum of Poznan, Poland (2007). He has held artist residencies in Sydney, Manchester, Paris, and Tokyo.
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