Niharika Hukku, Porcelain Sketch Book Plate

Art Artwork from Australia. Published by anonymous on Sunday 18 November 2012.

Niharika Hukku, Porcelain Sketch Book Plate image

Niharika Hukku is a locally based ceramic artist who has travelled the world to nurture her passion for ceramics and illustration. Her latest series is the unique ‘Sketch Book’, functional ware that is hand thrown and painted, then glazed.

Hukku states that her work is an expression of what she encounters in her world. “Ceramics has an ancient history in India where I was born and is used commonly in function and as art. My earliest and favourite memory of it being the ‘Kulhars’ (unglazed earthenware tumblers) used to drink sweet tea at train stations.”

Her pieces are both whimsical and edgy and are available in the Collect online store here.