David NOONAN They became what they beheld #1 2004

Art Artwork from Australia. Published by Gould Galleries on Monday 18 February 2013.

They became what they beheld #1 image

Year: 2004

bleach on fabric. 167 x 91.5 cm. inscribed verso: David Noonan.

Purchased by corporate collection, Melbourne through Uplands Gallery, Melbourne in 2004.

David Noonan: Films and Paintings 2001- 2005, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne, 7 April – 11 June 2005, no. 33, illustrated;
The difference between you and me, Ian Potter Museum, Melbourne, 6 August – 16 October 2005, no. 31, illustrated.

Johanna Fahey, David Noonan: Before and Now, Craftsman House, Melbourne, 2004, p.14, ‘Untitled’ (illustrated).